Art of Leadership and management

In order to discourse the difference between leading and direction it is really necessary to Identify both the footings separately.


Leadership is name of an art in which you motivate the people to one common end and maintain them Bonded.


The word direction has huge intending depending on different classs and profession. We can Specify it as: “Organization and coordination of the activities under some certain regulations is called Management.”

Difference Between Leadership And Management

These words really describes two different constructs. We will discourse the difference below every bit in Most instances they are considered same

  • Leadership is merely one plus of many assets of direction. All productive directors ‘ usage

Below given administrative tools to acquire maximal end product for the organisation.





Leadership is of import constituent of way map. A director can non merely be a leader.

He needs to hold formal governments to be effectual.

( Denial f.predpal “General from direction in engineering” )

  • Directors work under set forms and restrictions of the company.but leaders make their

Own manner to give organisation more net incomes.

  • In little organisations it ‘s non the director who performs as a leader. It can be a sub-

Ordinate who performs as a leader. Normally this state of affairs creates the struggle between the Manager and the leader as director feel the portion of governments with leader.

Denial F.Predpal “general from direction in engineering” .

  • Normally Group is more loyal towards the leader as comparison to the trough because of below

Three facts which a leader contains.

Leader takes the incrimination when things go incorrectly from his group or from his subsidiaries.

Leader celebrates the accomplishments of the group even little one time.

Leader gives the credits when it is due.

  • The leader is followed but the director is ruled.

A director manner of managing has been a uninterrupted cause of concern to his organisation, to his sub-ordinates and chiefly to himself.

It is recognized that the managerial manner of the director plays the critical part in the performens of the organisation.

A theoretical account managerial manner will be the practise of below points.

  • Manager Needs To Be A Leader.

This is about impossible that a director can acquire success without holding any leading skils.In order to do certain that he utilises his subsidiaries efficaciously he needs actuate them emotionally and maintaining the environment of competition along with all other managerial accomplishments.

  • Manager Needs To Be A Good Delegator.

If director will go through the responsibilities and duties to his subsidiaries expeditiously and will utilize them efficaciously.He will bring forth best consequences for the administration. and will maintain himself off from emphasis for long.

  • Directors Needs To Use Power And Authority Efficiently.

Bing a director its really necessary that you should be good decision maker within your bounds.

Manager should utilize his governments and powers expeditiously to do certain all responsibilities will be performed within clip and swimmingly.

Evaluation Of Model Managerial Role In My Job.

As I am working as a gross revenues director in a telecommunication company so one attempts to execute my responsibilities as below.

As a gross revenues director you need to put the Goal for your squad foremost harmonizing to their abilities.

You keep speaking to your subsidiaries about the marks so that they stay motivated.

As you get bigger mark from higher direction from higher direction, So you need to depute the mark into your squad give them that they can make.

Bing a director makes certainly your occupation is non to make gross revenues, your occupation is to do people sale.And if you can accomplish your marks means you are on path.

Appreciate your squad for even their little accomplishments. And promote them on failures.

Managerial effectivity is to accomplish the marks by make best usage of relevant resources.

For illustration if you target a finish and leave the house without full apprehension of the route,

You will make the finish at the terminal but will decidedly take few wrong turns which will be you Extra fuel, excess energy and excess clip.And if you plan the mob good before the start of journey, you Will make the finish by devouring less fuel, clip and energy.

Above illustration shows that the director who expeditiously use the available resources to accomplish the Target is efficient director and can turn out more effectivity in his direction. Before discoursing the difference we need to place all three footings separately.


Authority is a individual group belief that claims to be over others ideas actions for control.


Power is a step of an entity ‘s ability to command the environment around itself, including the Behavior of other entities. We can farther simplify it with below definition normally. define power as The ability to enforce one ‘s will on others, even if those others resist in some manner.


We can specify legitimacy as” the lawfulness by virtuousness of being authorized or in conformity with law” .

Difference Between Authority, Power And Legitimacy

We can distinguish between power, authorization and legitimacy in simple words as below:

Power is the ability to accomplish the coveted result, legitimacy is right to exert power and Authority is both power and legitimacy that is respected by people without seeking an account.

Above account besides shows that legitimacy and authorization are strongly backed by the power. Like if There is no power nowadays behind the authorization in organisation so it will be really hard to utilize the Authority.

The same exercising comes in legitimacy instance as in absence of power or lacking of power makes difficult To run the system swimmingly as per defined.

Largely Government supported organisation above all footings is much effectual. Plus all good Multinational organisation besides performs smoothly under above three constructs. But when it comes To most little enterprises the balance goes incorrect. The Goes on one side and because other two Concepts legitimacy and authorization are backed by power so at that place balance besides went out.

This is why most companies with one adult male show could non turn good in the market because above Three constructs go to one individual so it hurts the public presentation of the squad.

So for the direction it is really necessary to acquire successful if they want to execute under company s regulations and ordinances, they should hold power and authorization in manus to do certain the responsibilities will be performed at every degree by the employees. In this manner 3rd term of legitimacy will automatically remain smooth.

Mentoring is a long term relationship that meets a development demand, helps develop full potency, and Benefits all spouses, wise man, mentee and the administration ” . –by Suzanne Faure

Significance Of Mentoring To Leadership

Constructing a high-performing squad is a cardinal portion of being an effectual leader. And this includes assisting persons Within your squad learn, turn, and go more effectual in their occupations ; which is why mentoring is such an Important leading accomplishment. Mentoring can be honoring for you, both personally and professionally.

Through it, non merely can you construct a stronger and more successful squad, but you can besides better your leading and communicating accomplishments, learn new positions and ways of thought, and derive a strong sense of personal satisfaction.

Significance Of Mentoring To Management

We can specify authorization as a “form of participative direction where employees portion direction duties, including determination devising. Autonomous work squads are an branch of authorization where employee groups set up and implement their ain work ends.

( From concern lexicon )


A cardinal facet of leading is deputation. Unless you delegate undertakings to your subsidiaries, your squad will go inefficient and demoralised. “ I non merely utilize all the encephalons I have, but all I can borrow. ”

Woodrow Wilson

The hapless deputation creates tenseness in the organisation. for illustration you sit late every twenty-four hours.

You want to make all occupations yourself because you think other buzzword do better. These all are illustration of hapless deputation.

Relation Between Empowerment And Delegation: –

Good deputation delivers empowerment to the people. … Among other things, it requires a strong personal

Chemical bond between leader and followings, meaningful deputation, the foundation for such a working relationship Is common trust..

For illustration as per mentioned above little endeavors foremans normally non good delegator they ne’er deliver e Empowerment. They believe they can make better so others and in this manner they spoil their valuable employees and they increase load for themselves. other wise if they delegate the powers to their subsidiaries, so they can besides lend in organisations advancement and the result could hold been in times better so merely one Person running the organisation.

The Relevance Of Empowerment And Delegation To Leadership And Management

Effective deputation involves the deputation of work to describing staff members in such a manner that Their accomplishments are enhanced. Effective deputation allows an employee to increase their ability to do Decisions and contribute to organisation success. Effective deputation is non merely giving employees more work to make, although sometimes there is more work to make.

Employee engagement is making an environment in which people have an impact on determinations and actions that affect their occupations. Team edifice occurs when the director knows when to state, sell, consult, articulation, or depute to staff. For employee engagement and authorization, both squad Building and deputation regulation.